Fiddling While It Burns


While studying for my Bachelor of Journalism, I’ll be focusing on conflict, strategic studies and national security as much as possible, and so from time to time will write essays relevant to Fiddling While It Burns. Once they’ve been safely assessed, I’ll put them up on the site. Essays are too long for the blog format, and don’t have enough pretty pictures to keep them engaging, so they’ll be posted as separate pages under the ‘Essays’ heading. Feedback is always welcome, thanks for reading.



Analyses of News Coverage of the Iraq War

This essay compares summarises and compares two research articles, one which covered the run-up to the Iraq War in 2002-early 2003, and one which covered reportage of the actual war.

Did George W. Bush Strengthen or Weaken the American Empire?

This essay is a narrative of the Bush administration, which argues that it failed to understand the nature of the American liberal democratic hegemony, and in its incompetence weakened it, perhaps irreparably.


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