Fiddling While It Burns

Who is Anonymous? | 24/05/2010

I had a short piece published at Online Opinion, here. It’s interesting to have your work seen by a wider audience for the first time. So many people seem determined to mistake your meaning, and this particular piece had some people in a group of Scientology protestors very upset. Just for the record: I wouldn’t consider to be a part of what I’m writing about. More like a satellite with a small overlap, closer to traditional protest organisations than anything genuinely new created by anonymous online interaction. The enthusiastic participation of former Scientologists definitely changes things – Anonymous went after Scientology originally out of concern for free speech, not to defend the sort of people who are vulnerable to the Church of Scientology. And if you’re using a persistent forum identity, you have a stake in being judged smart or mature, so the dynamic is completely different. Now if /b/ had made an appearance, it would have been a lot more interesting.

I’ve also had a couple of short letters published in the Herald in the last couple of weeks, and at least one character has tracked me here (that’s you GlenWriter). This post would be a good place to comment if I’ve incensed you in some way.


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